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Jersey Cycling


Jersey is home to many avid bicyclists and offers a cycle network of over 350 miles, including coastal, country and town routes. The Island’s mild climate, interesting terrain and reduced speed limits make it ideal for both casual and challenging rides.



Cycle Hire


Bikes are available for hire at many companies throughout Jersey. A range of types and sizes are available, including road and CX bikes from popular brands. Most shops also offer parts and spares.



Local Laws & Etiquette


Jersey’s cycle routes are clearly marked and the signs should be followed at all times. In the Green Lanes, the speed limited is reduced to 15mph. Cyclists are permitted to ride against the flow of traffic on some one way streets in St. Helier as indicated by signposting.





Proper safety precautions play an important role in enjoying your time cycling in Jersey.


Your Bike


  • Have your bike regularly inspected and maintained by a qualified mechanic, including the brakes, tyres, chain, saddle, nuts and bolts
  • Ensure that your saddle height is correct


Personal Safety


  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Look up, around and behind you
  • Watch out for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Install a bell on your bike
  • Wear bright/reflective clothing and accessories
  • According to Jersey law, after dark all bicycles must employ a white light at the front, red light at the back, a red reflector at the back and pedal reflectors
  • Always wear a helmet. This is compulsory for children 13 and under.


On the Road


  • Keep appropriate space between yourself and parked cars
  • Ride away from the kerb
  • Wait ahead/in front at traffic lights
  • Stay ahead of large vehicles
  • When possible, make eye contact with drivers and/or position yourself to be visible in their mirrors
  • Do not pass buses on the left when they are stopping or stopped
  • Go at the same speed as other vehicles in heavy traffic
  • Ride confidently and be assertive


Clubs & Events


Events are hosted by a number of local cycling clubs including the Caesarean Cycling Club, the Jersey Rouleurs and the Velo Sport Jersey Cycling Club.

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