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We offer a full range of advertising tools and opportunities to help get your business noticed. Whether you need print, digital or both, our advertising suite offers something for everyone, and delivers where people are actually looking.

Business Listings Built to Deliver

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List your business for FREE! Our mobile-ready business listings deliver your key contact information along with a description, logo, reviews, hours, methods of payment, directions and keywords allowing you to get found in local searches.

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Boost Your Online Presence

Stand apart from your competitors and expand your listing with consumer engaging and SEO friendly dynamic content. As search results are based on relevancy, this additional rich content is a great way to ensure your listing ranks high in all the searches you want your business to appear in.

Available for purchase with a Listing Package.

  • Extra Primary and Secondary Keywords
  • Multiple Phone # and Address
  • Menu, Product List & FAQ
  • Premium Business Profile Layouts
  • Photos/Video
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Bullet Points
  • Tried & Trusted
Boost Your Online Presence

Priority Placement

Boost your listing and take a priority position within search results. In a competitive industry, there may be many other businesses whose listings may organically rank higher than yours. Priority placement allows you to boost your listing to the top of the results and get found first.

Available as an add-on to your Listing Package.

  • Rank at the top of searches
  • Low monthly fee per primary
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Multiple Levels
Priority placement

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Drive Brand Growth and Generate Leads With Display Advertising

Banner Ads

Advertise your business across the site through visually impactful, highly-effective and measurable banner ads. Target potential customers with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Multiple pricing and placement opportunities: Home page, Section pages, Search, and Run-of-Site
  • Popular industry standard sizes and formats
  • Search and keyword driven
  • Desktop and mobile-optimized
  • CPM based billing
  • Analytics and metrics

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Engage Potential Customers with Dynamic and Effective Content & Native Advertising

Bizcast - Sales, Deals & Specials

Broadcast your deals, specials, promotions and more via a Bizcast post. Displayed directly on your Business Profile and in a Bizcast vertical, Bizcast posts are a great tool to get your special messaging out to the public. Featured Bizcasts appear on widgets directly on the homepage, contextual on sidebars of search results and across the site.

Yabsta bizcast

Local Events

Let your customers know what’s happening this week at your business with our FREE event posts. Displayed directly on your business profile and in an Event vertical, Event posts are a great tool to promote your one-off, periodic or recurring weekly events to the public. Featuring a monthly calendar, featured upcoming and a daily event widget displaying directly on the homepage and throughout the site.

Local Events

Sponsored Listing

Have your business listing featured in high traffic locations across the site. Found on information strips on the homepage, Business and Restaurant Section landing pages.

Sponsored Classified

Have your classified listing featured in high traffic locations across the site to help bring more exposure to your post and achieve your goal. Found on the priority placement in classified search results and information strips on the homepage and Classifieds Section landing pages.

Sponsored Video

Have your video featured in high traffic locations across the site to help bring more exposure to your content. Found on information strips on the homepage and Video Section landing pages.

Weather Sponsorship

A unique advertising opportunity, feature your businesses logo on the homepage weather widget. Logos and contextual banners can also be included directly on the weather page, allowing for massive viewing potential.

Sponsored Content

Content is king, and sponsored content is fast becoming one of the most engaging and effective forms of digital marketing.

Work with our team of experts to craft highly compelling content to help drive interest, traffic, social sharing and lead generation for your business products and services.

  • Articles (single or series), Collections, Video and more.
  • Increase exposure to potential customers & build brand awareness.
  • Gather leads and generate business listing and website traffic.
  • Copy written by our team with your guidance and input.
  • Inclusion of expertly created images, graphics and other visual elements
  • Optimised for social sharing and advertising
  • Robust analytics and metrics allowing you unique insight into your customer base.
  • Featured on high traffic locations such as the homepage, Local Guide and Articles section landing pages
  • Shared on our own social channels allowing your message to reach our network of followers as well as through our own Social Media advertising

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The Islands Original and Most-Trusted Local Business Directory

Jersey Telephone Directory

The Jersey Directory

A powerful local resource, the Jersey Directory delivers complete and accurate information for island businesses, residents and much more. Many islanders have limited or no access to the internet and, for these, the printed directory remains incredibly useful. Highly accessible, the print directory allows location residents, visitors and customers to obtain the information they need quickly and easily.

  • Distributed between April and May each year to all homes and businesses on the island.
  • Annual distribution of 60,000 copies.
  • Highly respected publication that is retained and used by all sectors of the community.
  • Multiple Advertising opportunities including:
    • Wide selection of Yellow Page Ad sizes
    • Tried & Trusted
    • Premium positions like gatefolds, inserts, spine and cover.

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Reach out to 1000’s of potential new customers with Jersey’s most popular local deal site.

Jersey Rewards

Jersey Rewards

Jersey Rewards gives you the power to bring new and repeat customers through your door with no initial outlay

Unlike traditional media advertising, you know exactly how effective your campaign is, and you only pay us for the customers that actually spend money with you! It’s a low risk and high impact way to raise the profile of your business or a new product/service you offer.

Contact us today to launch your Jersey Rewards deal to our 50,000+ strong army of Rewarders.

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Find Customers Looking For Quotes or Estimates on all Manner of Work in Jersey.

Jersey Quote

Local quotes made simple. No matter how big or small the job is, let Jersey Quote do the hard part for you.

As a local trade or business in Jersey, it isn’t always easy to stand-out from the crowd and to secure new customers. JT Quote gives you a lead on available work as well as providing you with the opportunity to build-up an online profile containing reviews from your past customers.

Jersey Quote

Let us introduce you to a new customer base looking for quotes from businesses just like yours.

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