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Jersey pensioner assistance



Income Support


The States of Jersey provides financial support to low income households for housing, care and living needs. Available to both homeowners and tenants, it also applies if an individual in the family is an unpaid carer.


You may qualify if you have low income with limited savings and have lived in Jersey for at least 5 years. If your situation has changed due to health concerns, care costs and/or retirement, you may also qualify.



Cold Weather Bonus


You qualify for a Cold Weather Bonus, which helps with heating costs during winter, if you are 65 and over, have a Jersey pension or Entitled residential status and do not pay Income Tax. Two payments are remitted in January and May. This bonus is automatic for pensioners who receive Income Support and Individuals who have a Jersey pension.



Long-Term Care


Individuals who require a high level of care may be eligible for long-term care assistance, provided within your own home or a facility. To qualify, you must have lived in Jersey for a minimum of 10 years and 1 year prior to claiming.

For assessment, please contact Health & Social Services at 01534 444440 or



Food Costs Bonus


Low income households qualify for a Food Costs Bonus if a member of the household has lived in Jersey for at least 5 years and no members pay Income Tax. The household must also not be receiving Income Support.



Christmas Bonus


Paid in December, you qualify for the Christmas Bonus if you are 65 and older, if you receive Income Support and if you are a member of the Pension Plus scheme. It is paid automatically.



Free TV Licence


Low income individuals who are over 75 may qualify for a free TV licence.




Pension Plus Scheme



The Pension Plus Scheme began in 2017 and replaced the 65+ Health Plan. It assists low income pensioners who are 65 and over with dental, optical and chiropody costs. It is run by Social Security.



Who is eligible


  • 65 and older
  • You have a Jersey pension or Entitled resident status
  • You (and your partner) do not pay Income Tax
  • You (and your partner)’s capital assets are less than £30,000
  • Capital assets include:
    • Properties you own (that are not your home)
    • Pension bonds
    • Savings
    • Investments
    • Items of value (ex: paintings or jewellery)



Monetary Support


On the Pension Plus Scheme, you are entitled to a limited monetary support in the following categories:



  Optical Dental Chiropody

Monetary Support Provided For (as of May 2019)

  • Up to £40 towards an eye test (every 2 years)
  • Up to £120 towards new prescription spectacles, lenses or contact lenses (every 2 years)
  • Up to £40 towards a dental check-up (every 2 years)
  • Up to £700 towards dental treatments or dentures (every 2 years)
  • Up to £120 towards the cost of chiropody treatment from a registered chiropodist (every year)
Who Can Provide Services (Must Be Pension Plus Member)
  • dentist
  • dental hygienist for dental hygiene care (ex: scale and polish - other services provided by a dental hygienist are not covered)
  • denture repair laboratory (for repairs or dentures prescribed by a dentist)
  • HCPC registered chiropodist or podiatrist
  • optometrist or optician
What is Covered
  • check-ups and examinations
  • dental hygiene care (scale and polish)
  • filings, root canals, dental implants, bridges,
  • crowns and extractions
  • gum treatments (provided by a dentist)
  • dentures (provided by a dentist)
  • denture repairs
  • dental x-rays
  • mouth guards
  • sedation
  • toenail problems (ex: thickening, fungal or ingrown toenails)
  • corns, calluses and bunions
  • glasses, frames and spectacle lenses
  • prescription sunglasses
What is Not Covered
  • Cosmetic dental treatments (ex: teeth whitening, cosmetic braces, dental veneers and gold teeth)
  • new dentures bought from a denture repair laboratory (without a prescription from a Pension Plus dentist)
  • toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss
  • prescriptions and medication*
  • mouth cancer treatments*
  • missed or late appointment fees
  • medication
  • missed or late appointment fees
  • cosmetic optical items (ex: coloured contact lenses)
  • medication
  • eye surgery (including laser eye surgery)
  • treatment for cataracts*
  • missed or late appointment fees



How To Make a Claim


Before you can make a claim, you must receive a confirmation letter informing you that you  have been accepted. Once accepted, you do not have to pay for treatment upfront.



Follow these steps to make a claim:


  1. Make an appointment with your optician, dentist or chiropodist
  2. Inform your practitioner that you are a Pension Plus member (alternatively, inform Pension Plus of your practitioners)
  3. Find out how much your treatment or service will cost
  4. Ask your practitioner how much available benefit you have and how much you need to pay
  5. Receive your service or treatment
  6. Your practitioner will invoice Pension Plus, up to your level of available benefit
  7. Pay for costs not covered



You cannot claim for missed or cancelled appointments. You cannot claim treatment you had before your registration confirmation. If your situation changes, you must inform Pension Plus as you may no longer be eligible.




Additional Financial Assistance


The Income Support benefit provides financial support for low income pensioners towards the following costs:


  • Housing
  • Living
  • Medical
  • Childcare


Carers are also eligible to receive this support. Individuals who receive Income Support might also be eligible for the Food Costs Bonus and Cold Weather Bonus.


Penson Plus members who disagree with a benefits-related decision may be able to make an appeal.





Before you make an appointment, please inform Pension Plus of your preferred dentist, optician or chiropodist from the list provided on their website. Pension Plus only pays for services from their approved list of practitioners.




Age Concern Jersey



Jersey charity #47, Age Concern Jersey believes in an Island where all residents can lead fulfilling lives as they age. They welcome all who are 55+, whatever your circumstances and needs.



Age Concern campaigns on behalf of Jersey’s elderly and support the following principles:


  • Age is a gift - not a burden.
  • Older people deserve respect, courtesy and a safe and secure environment.
  • Older people should have appropriate financial support and access to full health care.
  • Older people should not be treated as inferior.
  • Older people should be heard.



Founded in 1994, Age Concern Jersey is headquartered at Windsor House in St  Helier. Their services include a wide range of activities, from computer classes to lunch, frozen meals, hairdressing and arts and crafts, as well as a charity shop. There is a Tuesday club at St. Thomas’ Hall as well as home and hospital visits and chiropody. Free transportation is available.


Age Concern Jersey relies on donations from the community and is not financially supported by the States of Jersey, with the exception of a small grant for the frozen meals service. New volunteers, drivers and sponsors are welcome.

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