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veriSure – Trusting Facts, Not Feelings

The costs of employing new staff can be high. veriSure provides important and necessary pre-employment screening and other services for companies in the Channel Islands, providing you with peace of mind throughout the recruitment process.

veriSure is based on sound business practice and mitigates against the risks (and costs) associated with hiring personnel – and it does it in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

It also allows you to ensure that your employees are who they say they are – as well as check that they:

• are not financially vulnerable
• have the right academic or work experience
• have not covered up gaps in their employment history
• have not provided misleading reasons for leaving previous employment

veriSure’s simple objective is to provide you with accurate and relevant information quickly and at a fixed cost. Our task is to ensure that all the information that we supply you with complies with the law and does not jeopardise a legitimate candidate’s career.

We understand the need to work quickly and effectively so as not to hamper the recruitment process. Therefore, when an individual is introduced to veriSure, we ask them to supply all relevant information to us within seven days. We then send you over a completed report within 28 days. We can also bring any negative information or discrepancies to your attention immediately so it’s possible to make an informed initial decision while other candidates are still available.

Our easy to understand application form helps speed up the process and ensures consistency, while our open process ensures that each candidate is informed of what's happening and is aware of the privacy and data protection issues involved.

Our industry knowledge, with the experience of who to contact and where, means that you can have confidence in our professional service.

Katie Faulkner (Director)
Della Page (Director)
Donna Le Roy (Employment Screening Officer)
Pat Roberts (Employment Screening Officer)
Tel: +44 (0) 1534 707888

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