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After injuring my back during a sports activity I asked friends and colleagues for recommendations. Daniel was suggested to me and it was clear during the first session that he knew exactly where the pain emanated from. He alleviated the pain during that session and the result was incredible. I would highly recommended Daniel. Jay Skuce

I have been treating patients at the New Era Health centre for over 10 years.


Before that I worked at a busy clinic in Lancashire and for Wharfedale Rugby Club. I treat a lot of people with backache, trapped nerves, sore necks, hip and knee pain, but osteopathy is a whole-body approach and effective at helping people with a wide variety of problems.


I have undertaken extra training in my special interests of headaches, sports injuries and artistic performers (dancers, musicians, singers). 


If you or someone you know would like to feel healthier, fitter and more able to get things done, I look forward to seeing you.


- Pain

- Stiffness

- Aching

- Sports Injurys

- Headaches

- Sports Injuries