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by Administrator 1
Fantastic service from James at Newlook Bathroom Services. He's brought a new lease of life to what was a somewhat tired and unloved room of the house. Fresh sealant where needed and grout revived throughout. Highly recommended. A tidy and reliable worker too. Thanks, James 👍 Darren Dolbel
by Administrator 1
Jimmy arrived the morning after I called. He was fast, tidy, very polite, friendly and super efficient. Great value and you can barely notice the hole which was in our bath before. I can’t recommend him more highly.
As the owner of an interior design company I confess to being rather fussy, but this work was superb and very cost effective. Bravo. 👏🏻 Gina Tillotson
by Jersey Insight
Very speedy & professional service on my metal/enamel bath. Thank you Jim

Carey - 04.05.17
For A Bathroom That Really Shines, let Us Give New Life to Your Bathroom

Enamel repairs & bath restoration services. Established in 1987. 


We have developed a unique system that will revitalize dull and stained bathtubs, basins, toilets, showers, tiles & marble surfaces. Your bathroom can be fully restored in a matter of hours by professionally trained technicians, with a minimum of inconvenience, no mess, no spraying and without removal of the fittings.


Consider The Advantages:
• A shiny new finish to your bath, basin, toilet.
• The original surface restored to like new.
• Hygienic and easy to keep clean.
• Bathroom back in use within two hours
• Minimum of disturbance with no mess.
• An economical and wise investment.
• No-Toxic process without spraying
• Bathroom over thirty years old can be restored
• A successful system that is fully guaranteed.

Treat Your Bathroom To A Facelift

Do you have a dull stained bath, basin, toilet?

Tried everything on the market to clean them?

Have they now lost their glaze and feel rough?

Are they hard to clean and have you given up?

Call us today for expert advice and a free quotation!

This revolutionary new concept in bathroom renovations is less than one-tenth of the cost of a conventional replacement. Bathtubs that are difficult to clean because they have lost their glaze and are etched and badly stained can now be refaced, polished, burnished and then protected by sealing to give a shiny, long-lasting hygienic finish that is easy to keep clean.

Add New Polish Without Replacement.

Let us transform your dull and stained bathtub, basin, toilet, shower into a sparkling shiny bathroom, for a fraction of the cost of a replacement by using an ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM.


- Enamel Repairs

- Chip Repairs

- Chemical Cleaning

- Colour Changes

- Tiling

- Re-Grouting

- Re-Surfacing