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If you research and write out the law then apply it correctly, the issues can be resolved


Our policy is to analyse the facts, clarify and classify the issues in their domestic legal and fiscal context; then, within their private international law and treaty context, seek to identify possible solutions. The best course of action is then agreed with the client and implemented.


Overseas Chambers will consider any civil, commercial or taxation issue arising in or between France, Jersey and the United Kingdom, and advises in international and EU matters, particularly on differences between the treatment of trusts and civil law entities arising in different jurisdictions.


- Peter Harris is an English Barrister with significant EU and international experience

- Fellow of the European Law Institute Vienna

- Member of the Revenue Bar Association 

- Overseas Member of the Chancery Bar Association


- Post Brexit issues in tax immigrations and generally

- EU and International Law & Tax

- French Conveyancing and Estate Planning Guidance and advice

- French Tax Guidance and Advice

- Corporation Tax

- Inheritance Tax

- Personal Taxation