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St. Mary, jersey,
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Mark is a motivational and sales speaker, trainer and coach with a difference.
After a childhood of severe mental and physical abuse. Mark got into sales and failed miserably, in-spite of having the two top salespeople in the world as his mentors, nothing changed. Until he stumbled upon the concept of limiting beliefs, it was then that he went from a failing salesman to rank in the top 1% in the world in just nine months.

Mark is the creator of the premeditated success system which he has devised and perfected over twenty two years. The system shows people how to identify and eradicate eliminating limiting beliefs.

"I attended a convention in 1996 in Anaheim California with six thousand other delegates.I heard a speaker say "There are six thousand of you in this room and no two of you are hearing exactly the same thing" I dismissed it as total nonsense. However several years later I concluded that he was right. Why? Because we don't hear from other people say. We hear what they say after we have filtered it Distorted it. And altered it to fit in with our world view. Which is shaped by our beliefs, perceptions and individual life experiences.

How focus is the driving force of your life.
The truth about self fulfilling prophecies.
The most effective methods for creating with your subconscious mind and changing limiting programs.
Why people fail to achieve goals and live up to their full potential.
This is one of the most powerful and life changing programs you will ever attend.

The real test of his years of studying the power of the mind was when he was diagnosed with cancer twice in two weeks, it was a cancer that needed to be discovered and treated within a month, but was undiagnosed for nearly a year, but he used what he had learned to defeat it.
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