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Homenet is the only major provider in Jersey able to offer broadband without a phone line from just £16.99 per month.


In July 2014 we joined forces with Ytel to provide residential services for all of Jersey. Homenet offers Jersey's Cheapest Unlimited* Broadband, Unlimited ADSL Copper and Unlimited Superfast Fibre Gigabit Broadband from just £24.99 per month! Please see our fantastic range of services below:


Broadband Options:

Homenet Fibre & Ytel Broadband:


Homenet Fibre & Ytel Broadband does not require a JT landline or internal wiring for you to receive excellent broadband, and it is unlimited* too, from just £16.99 a month!


Both offer an up to 20MB service, and are exclusive services on our own networks, but are not mobile broadband which means that they are perfect for families with multiple devices in the home. Whatever you are doing on the internet, browsing and emails, online gaming, downloading music or watching your favourite shows online, you will have all the speed you need. And what's more you can even add in a home phone line for FREE. 


Copper Superfast Broadband:

Copper Superfast Home ADSL Broadband, does require you to have a JT landline and internal wiring in order to receive broadband, but best of all it is unlimited*, has no usage limits or time restrictions, and excellent value at just £37.49 a month. 


This service is transmitted via the ADSL copper JT network and is perfect for families with several devices on the go. Cheaper than other providers, it is an up to 20MB service so whatever you are using the internet for, some online shopping, watching your shows or perhaps downloading music, you will have all the speed you need.


Gigabit Fibre:

Jersey... It is time to experience the internet at warp speed! Gone are the days of buffering and frozen screens when you take Homenet Unlimited* Gigabit Fibre.


Homenet Superfast Gigabit Fibre is leading edge technology that will revolutionise your entire internet experience, making your browsing much quicker and a real pleasure. Our Superfast Gigabit Broadband does require a landline and internal wiring for you to use broadband, but it is fantastic value from just £37.49 a month, and you can choose from an up to 50MB, up to 100MB or a truly spectacular warpspeed of up to 1GB speed. This comes with:


• 5x faster download speeds

• Unlimited* broadband

• Super fibre router with unbeatable Wi-Fi connection available

• Do more online at the same time



Home Phone

We can supply you with landlines too if you live in one of our Homenet Fibre of Ytel areas. We offer cheap calls, both locally and worldwide - and no need for a JT Line either.


Cable TV Packages

Our Cable TV packages start at just £16.50 a month, and you can even add Sky Movies or Sky Sports to your package too!


Fantastic value packages from just £16.50 a month available to States Housing, Homenet and Ytel Fibre areas, starting with some of the leading channels from Sky including the Discovery Channel and Sky Sports options, with no satellite dish required. 


Email Accounts

Homenet offer local Jersey email accounts, generous mailbox sizes, and an address of your choice too.


We are proud to provide Jersey email accounts, generous mailbox sizes, an address of your choice, and an easily accessible control panel. And all it costs is just 87p per week, per email address. And our webmail login portal enables you to pick up your emails through the internet on any computer, without necessarily have to use your data allowance. Up to 1000Mb of storage per email address too!


If you would like to sign up to any of our services then please visit our website, send us an email or call our Customer Service Team on 506464.


*Unlimited - Subject to the fair use policy. 


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