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Monday to Saturday Opening hours vary. Please contact us for more information.
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As always, everyone was very helpful. I was seen on time and everything was ok with my hearing aids.

Get your hearing tested for free at Hidden Hearing Jersey | 50 years’ experience | 97,000+ customers nationwide.

Millions of people in the UK are living with untreated hearing loss. Many
needlessly put off a routine hearing test for years.

Regular hearing tests are crucial for looking after your hearing health, especially if you’re over 55. Treating hearing loss can have a positive, life-changing impact. Your social life, relationships and how you interact with the world could all be improved with better hearing.

At Hidden Hearing Jersey, we understand that your hearing is unique. That’s why your hearing solution will be tailored to you and your lifestyle.

You’ll get a comprehensive, in-depth hearing consultation, during which we’ll give your ears and hearing a thorough check, all completely free.

You can also talk to us about your hearing concerns and the situations in which you may struggle to hear the most, like when there’s background noise or when you’re talking on the phone.

And if you do need a hearing aid to give you that extra bit of help with your hearing, we’ll tailor it to match your needs. Plus, you’ll get lifetime aftercare for your hearing aid, as well as three years’ free batteries and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Book your appointment today, just call 0800 740 8706. It’s important to bring a family member or a loved one with you, someone whose voice you’re familiar with.

Getting here
You’ll find Hidden Hearing Jersey in the Lido Medical Centre at the Hotel de France, St Saviour’s Road, on the outskirts of St Helier town centre. We’re on the 3 rd floor, opposite the lift foyer, in suite 3.03 alongside the Aesthetic Skin Clinic and Healthwatch. Parking is available in the underground car park, free of charge. There is also a bus stop right outside the centre, serviced by several buses from Liberation Station.


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