Water Kingdom

St. Helier, Jersey,
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A pond, an aquarium or a fountain brings to
your garden, home, office, shop... the element
that makes everything more peaceful and
relaxing, Water!

We are providing water gardening, construction/improvement and cleaning/maintenance services to private and businesses in Jersey, Channel Islands.

More than a cleaning or landscaping company, we are a company specialised in all aspect of ponds, aquariums and general water features that cares about the environment and ecological problems associated to their normal working procedures.

We are trying to be more dynamic with our customers, integrating them to our database. When customers login in our website they can have access to documents, such as invoices and statements,reports about services or even their fish and plants health and suggestions/notes.
Our customers are able to book online a maintenance service through Facebook or through our website.

Do you want to:
Add some "life" or attract wildlife to your garden?
Change office or shop to a peaceful style?
Clean your aquarium, pond or fountain but you're to tired?
Enlarge or improve your pond?

We are here to help you.
We are here to add "life" to your life!
  • Database integration