Mind & Motion Fitness

Grouville, Jersey,
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With a mix of cardio exercises to increase fat burning, free weight training to achieve results for all body types and a holistic combination of New Yoga and Pilates to increase flexibility, body awareness, balance and injury prevention, as well as core focus workouts for a stronger performance and back pain prevention you will be ready for that next event.

Whether you're planning a pregnancy, have just discovered you're pregnant or are a new mum, as a pre and post natal training specialist I will help you stay fit, strong, healthy and baby-weight free. Visit www.mindmotionfitness.com for more

I am best at changing the way you exercise and on showing you the easiest way to a good balanced nutrition!
If you have being walking, running or exercising for some time with no results, I will teach you to do things differently, to see fitness in a new exciting way and to lose weight in the process!
  • Core Stability Training